Welcome to Samford Area Men's Shed

The Samford Area Men's Shed extends an open invitation to all men, young and old, to drop in, see what goes on, meet the other men and enjoy the companionship the shed offers. You don't have to be a skilled craftsman to join us.

Our shed has been operating in the Samford region for ten years. It now boasts a fully equipped workshop where skilled and unskilled men can share time with each other and work together on projects.
Members make a variety of handcrafted items or may also work on their own personal projects. Some members repair and restore furniture.

You can also follow us on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080676183375

The Samford Village Pump. Read what's on in the Samford area and read a short article from Diggers about one of our members.

What's happening in The Shed

You may have noticed we have been a bit quiet lately?

Well, we started doing a big reno of the shed so making things has been rather difficult due to most of the big machines being turned off and moved.

The good news is we still have been able to keep everyone busy and enjoying the time we spend at the shed.

After all it's about getting together and keeping our mind and body active.

On the reno front we are almost complete and should be able to be more productive shortly.

Thank you for your support and we are still here to help if you need some small jobs carried out. 

Take a look at our Whats happening so far in September Photo Album

Great project made and completed, a painting from our artists and a ukelele playing cutlery person.

Great work
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Take a look at this month and some older letterboxes

Some items made at the shed this month.
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Take a look at our What's on at the Shed August Photo Album

Some items made at the shed this month.
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Take a look at our Samford Show 2023 Photo Album

Our stall at this years show. Great effort everyone
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Take a look at our What's on at the shed - May and June2023 Photo Album

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with visits from Peter Dutton, Leader of the opposition and Nikki Boyd, member for Pine Rivers.

Lots of preparation for the show in July with many items being made and lots of planning around our stall area.

Also had an order for a giraffe letterbox which is now complete and waiting collection.
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Take a look at our Visit from Peter Dutton, Federal Member for Dickson Photo Album

Peter has been a follower of our shed since its inception in 2012. Great to see he still supports us.
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Samford Area Men's Shed by Simply Stories

In 2022 a company called Simply Stories approached our SHED to do a short video on the Men Shed and what we do. 

This is the result and we hope it inspires all men to get out and get to know others in their community.

Click on this link to view the video.    Simply Stories

Take a look at our What's on at the shed - February and March 2023 Photo Album

February and March saw a few projects start and also some discussions around some old projects finished.

Here's a selection from past and present creations.
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Take a look at our What's on at the shed -January 2023 Photo Album

Some items our members are making
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Take a look at our Bunnings xmas Market 2022 Photo Album

A great night was had at the annual Bunning's xmas market
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Why get involved?

Men’s Sheds have long been recognised for their demonstrated success in contributing to improvements in male health and wellness by reducing social isolation and increasing social engagement and connectedness. Maintaining strong social connections is vital for good mental health; so isolation and loneliness are serious problems. Sheds provide men with a safe, male-friendly environment for men to come together and have a meaningful purpose, to share experiences and sometimes share their problems.

(excerpt QMSA Enquiry into social isolation and loneliness in Qld 2020)

SAMS PAGE- Monthly Newsletter

Current activity reports and general information for members are published monthly in SAMS PAGE. Past newsletters are found under ABOUT menu tab.

The Shed is their "Castle"

A regular sight on a Tuesday morning is our own Carlsen and Kasparov swapping moves before the meeting. Digby and Robert have been playing their weekly chess match for over two years. Chess is only one of the quieter pursuits in the shed. Members also enjoy snooker, table tennis, and darts. For those wanting relaxation minus the competition there is always the Art group or our well stocked library.Chess

(Digby and Robert matching wits)

These Boots Were Made For Walking

If you happen to see a group of men walking around Samford Downs and having way too much fun it is likely to be SAMS Walking Group. Each Tuesday before our morning tea get together a group of members go for a walk with the intention of improving their health and enjoying the company of their mates. The size of the group and the route taken varies but one thing is certain, they are better for the experience.

Walking Gp

The Iconic Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Volunteering at the BBQ at Bunnings Keperra is a lot of fun and the money raised supports the various Shed activities. Over the years we have developed a good relationship with Bunnings and we look forward to it continuing. A big thanks goes out to all members who help out on the two or three days which are scheduled each year and especially to our hardworking co-ordinator John Dears who makes each event run smoothly.

Bunnings Feb 20

(Garry, Peter, John and Dearsy)

Helping Our Community

SAMS is happy to pitch in and help our community when the opportunity arises. For several years now SAMS members have assisted the Samford Riding for the Disabled by bagging horse manure which is then sold to raise funds. The team is aptly referred to as the 'Poo Patrol'.

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SAMS History

SAMS history covering the period 2011 - 2015 is now in the "Members" section. Dennis Arnold has done a wonderful job of compiling information about our formative years and it makes for very interesting reading. 

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Ms. Nikki Boyd MPMs. Nikki Boyd MP

Ms Nikki Boyd, the Member for Pine Rivers, has made a substantial donation to SAMS which will go towards meeting our annual insurance costs

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