Our Philosophy

Our Vision

A community of well adjusted men with a sense of well being that connects with each other and the wider community.

Our Mission

Supporting all men by:

  1.  Doing meaningful activities e.g. woodworking, metalworking, computer training, photography, community based activities etc.
  2.  Providing opportunity for personal growth, role participation, organisation and leadership,
  3.  Providing knowledge sharing, learning and encouragement; and
  4.  Providing fellowship

Our Values

SAMS advises patience; It advises tolerance; It advises understanding; It advises all of those things that are necessary for men to be in community. In pursuing SAMS’ vision the group commits to the following values:

  1.  Honesty and integrity in all we do;
  2.  Supporting community and respecting others;
  3.  Compassion and empathy;
  4.  Sincerity in improving Men’s health and well being;
  5.  Open to all;
  6.  Reliability and trustworthiness;
  7.  Appreciation of contribution and values of others;
  8.  Cooperation and goodwill with other Mens Sheds and service groups; and
  9.  Foster sustainable environmental outcomes.

Our policy regarding dealing with all people in the Shed

How we all interact and deal with our friends, family, members of the public and generally every human being is important to us.

As such we support and follow the AMSA guidelines detailed in the document below.

Vulnerable Persons Policy - AMSA

Platinum Sponsor
Moreton Bay Regional Council
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Klepper Pty. Ltd.
Bendigo Bank
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Ms. Nikki Boyd MPMs. Nikki Boyd MP

Ms Nikki Boyd, the Member for Pine Rivers, has made a substantial donation to SAMS which will go towards meeting our annual insurance costs

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